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lets work together… maybe...

I get it.

I know what it felt like to wake up tired. To lack the energy to carry out your life like you imagined. Everyday it felt like I was running a rat race, with no clear end in sight and no real idea why I was running in the first place. But…I was “fine”. I smiled and laughed to mask the pressure I felt. I developed my armour to shield anyone from knowing how I really felt. I kept re-adjusting my normal. Blaming how I felt on motherhood, work, and the craziness of modern day life.

I felt guilty that my body was unable to cope with the weight of my blessings.
Then I stopped.
I just stopped.


“Life is tough, darling. But so are you.”


“Accept what is. let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.”



I re-adjusted. I took stock. I began to change my world.
I evaluated my thoughts, examined my priorities, and focused on my own health.
I gained traction, began seeing progress… and then I quit.
I began and quit over and over.

I developed resilience and a knowing. The act of falling has a funny way of showing you how well you rise. Over time I simply became uncomfortable with my “ordinary”. Feeling “fine” became unsatisfactory.

Then it stuck.
My choices, my lifestyle, my environment, my thought patterns, my hormones, sleep, energy, weight loss, etc. It just worked.

I ran testing, read books, exercised, took time and cleared my schedule some days.
I wanted to know exactly what was going on within and how I could optimize so my body would be working in my favour, and not against.

I aligned.

The problem today is that everyone is looking for the magic strategy, pill or plan. We all want to know “what” and “how” we can fix it. What if I told you that although “what” and “how” are critical – they pale in comparison to “why”. Why is our body functioning poorly, why do we lack energy, why is our mind riddled with to-do lists and pressures beyond our control.

A lack of information is not the issue. Google “how to get healthy”. 6.12 billion hits populate immediately. If access to information was the key, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. You wouldn’t have continued scrolling and this little personal story wouldn’t have an impact on you.

So what do we do about it…

I want you to be well.
I want you to wake up in the life you created. The one you sculpted, hand selected and devour everyday. I want you to be well for you. I don’t want that for you because of some BS marketing strategy or because I want you to buy some miracle pill.

In fact, I don’t have the pleasure of time to take on many patients in my practice. For this reason, I am accepting a small number of patients who want to go all in. They don’t want the miracle fix, the endless bottles of products or the standardized protocol. They want real change.

They don’t mind messy. They don’t mind diving deep and they certainly don’t mind examining what is really going on. They want to know their hormones, know their maladaptive thought patterns, evaluate their lifestyle and refine their diet. Ordinary is considered no longer acceptable.

Again, please think on this. It is okay to not want to dive in and get dirty. That is why I created my free online resource library. I am not withholding information. Again, I want you to be well. I am not prepared nor able to take on everyone however I do want you to have access to resources that support you on your journey.

However, if you are ready to really make some changes, sign up with the link below.

You’ll receive an information email with all the details. If you decide, “nah, it’s not for me”, no sweat! Thanks for reading and feel free to use the resource library, courses and blogs. They are there for your use!

But, if you’re in. Email me directly at: to join the waitlist and we will get started.

Dr. Mal

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