This program is formulated and implemented by Dr. Mallory Ryan. A naturopathic doctor in the Halifax area who has a specialized practice in womens health and hormonal balance.

If you are experiencing: low energy, poor concentration, weight that will not budge (or increasing), irregular or excessive cycles (with PMS), trouble transitioning through menopause, hypothyroidism, poor sleep quality, night sweats, low libido, sugar and carbohydrate cravings, anxiety or mood issues and skin concerns, then this innovation and sensible program is for you. It is designed to reset our hormonal cascade, using scientific knowledge about the body’s hormonal reactions and empower women to carry aspects of the program forward for lifetime results.

This engaging program will entail an easy to follow dietary protocol, lifestyle plan, at-home exercise program for all experience levels and individualized nutrient supports (and so much more!).

The program will begin with a two hour talk and information session where all questions answered. If individiual care is required (ie. visits with Dr. Mallory for specific hormonal concerns) that will be made available to those enrolled.


Program consists of:

  • Personalized hormonal imbalance self-assessment

  • The psychology of weight loss and the mindset for sustaining results

  • Understand hormones and how to achieve balance

  • Meal plans with recipes

  • A specialty shake by Dr. Mallory for metabolism and blood sugar balance

  • At-home exercise program with descriptions and photos

  • Sleep protocol

  • Mindfulness based breathing practice for stress reduction

  • The importance of gratitude for hormonal health

  • Maintenance plan for transitioning off the reset

  • BONUS: Skincare plan.


Hormone Reset - $220.00

* Personalized treatment plans can be formulated in office, if neccessary or desired, and billed to insurance.

You take care of a lot of things in the run of the day. Put yourself first on the list.