What If We Had Each Others Backs?

What if we had each other’s backs? Regardless of the circumstance, judgement or any expectations. ⁣
⁣What if we had each other’s backs because we know what it’s like to navigate through the world as a woman?
⁣What if I spent time lifting you up because I know you’ll do the same? What if rather than comparing ourselves, we inspire ourselves? ⁣

“Real queens fix one another’s crown.”

What if I cried with you, laughed with you, sat with you and fought for you, simply because I see you and you’re you. ⁣

Sometimes it can be hard to see beyond our own story but I know that where we differ, there is strength and where we are alike, there is comfort. ⁣

Let’s expand together, grow together, learn together and support one another. ⁣
⁣Because in moments of weakness, you can be rest assured that I have your back, especially when you can’t find it in you to have your own. ⁣

Mallory Ryan