The Number One Mistake We Make When Setting a Goal

We’ve all bought into the myth that someday, when we have two essential ingredients for accomplishing our goals, we will succeed. These are motivation and will power. We have this idea that someday when we feel inspired and geared up enough, we’ll go for it. We will be fuelled with motivation and sustained by will power.

Right? Wrong.

Biggest Mistake: Depending on Motivation.

Please don’t. Motivation is crap. It’s shit. I say this to you because I want you to disrupt the idea that your success depends on fleeting states of being – such as motivation. Many of us have this idea that we need motivation in order to accomplish our goals. That is it some sort of almighty pre-requisite.

I have taken the time specifically to write this to tell you, it’s not.

The reason it doesn’t work is because it is fleeting.

How many times have you laid in bed thinking... tomorrow will be different. I’m going to get up early, work out, get my shit together and it will be THE game changer day. Great, you are HIGHLY motivated in that moment. Then what happens when the alarm goes off? Nothing, you are fast-tracked back into your typical routine. No challenge, no expansion and certainly no motivation.

If we depend on motivation to implement action, than we will be inconsistent and frankly, quite unsuccessful. The reason being is because as soon as we challenge ourselves to push our boundaries, try something new and change our “typical” routine, we send off alarms in our brain.

The biggest mistake we make is depending on feeling motivated before we take action.

You see we are programmed to seek comfort and avoid pain. It is an evolutionary advantage we created way back in our days in the jungle. The only problem is, the wiring stuck. We can think ourselves into a state of motivation or inspiration but many times when we go to implement, we can just as quickly come up with an excuse or reasoning for why “tomorrow would be a better time” or “I just don’t feel like it anymore”. Our motivation leaves and we are left submerged in the same routine as the day before.

So how do we overcome this challenge?

You take action. You take action despite not feeling like it. You take action even when you are unmotivated or lacking inspiration. You take action despite it all. You see there is a little known secret about motivation. It is NOT a prerequisite to success – it is a product of success.

The more you see yourself making positive changes, taking action and creating new patterns, the more motivated you’ll feel to continue. Motivation is a learned behaviour, it is not a personality trait.

So please know this, you are capable of extraordinary things and you will not feel like it in the beginning, but that doesn’t matter, you’re not going to let the fleeting idea of motivation stop you, are you?

Comment below, tell me what action you’re taking, despite not feeling like it.

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Mallory Ryan