Straighten Your Crown

“Your crown has been bought and paid for. Put it on your head and wear it.” Maya Angelou

You’re a woman. ⁣

Stand up straight. Mind your manners. Keep quiet. Comply. Fall in line. Say yes. Don’t wear that. Wear this. Don’t do that. Do this. Work hard. Better yet, burn out. Have children. Don’t let them see you cry. Hold it together. What will they think? ⁣

Enough. ⁣
Stand up straight with pride. ⁣
Have manners.
Keep quiet, to think and then speak up. ⁣
Comply, with what aligns with you.⁣
Say yes, if it feels right. ⁣
Don’t wear that, if it’s uncomfortable. ⁣
Wear this, because you love it.
Don’t do that if you don’t want to. ⁣
Do this, because it draws you in. ⁣
Work hard, but rest more. ⁣
Burn out anything that doesn’t light a fire within you. ⁣
Have children, if that’s what you want.
Don’t just let them see you cry, let them see you fall apart. How else will they learn to get back up?⁣
Hold it together, in fact pull as much as you can into your arms. Embrace what you love and hold it close to your heart.

What will they think? That’s none of your business. ⁣

Your crown is encrusted with all the jewels of the women that came before you. Stand tall for the women who brought you here and the women who are yet to come. ⁣

Dr. Mal

Mallory Ryan