You're Only Able to Be Happy At The Level You're Willing to Be Sad

We glorify the idea of “being happy”. It seems as though somewhere along the line we developed this notion that it is the only true emotion to desire, anything else is measured against how far it is away from “happiness”. ⁣

I get it.⁣
Happiness and joy are amazing but our true appreciation for these states comes from our understanding and feeling of what it is to be sad, upset, overwhelmed or defeated. ⁣

If you don’t feel fulfilled, content and blissful at all times – that is OK. If anything it confirms that you’re human. ⁣

I despise the term “keep it together”. It insinuates that we need to fear what would happen if we didn’t. Would you die if it all fell apart, or would something actually “catch you”? ⁣Would you rise stronger and more capable?

Even if what you feel is terrible – allowing yourself to feel that is so much more evolved than numbing it. ⁣

You’re only able to be happy at the level that you’re willing to be sad. What do you think is more powerful – looking like you have your shit together or totally owning that you don’t, and embracing that it’s ok? ⁣

We’re all on a journey. Everything in our universe was created to withstand ebbs and flows. Look at the seasons, our breathing, the heartbeat, ocean tides and the moon. ⁣

Honour where you are today and love the hell out of yourself regardless of your state. There is no circumstance bigger than what you are. You are loved, you are love, and I love you.

Mallory Ryan