It Was All A Gift In The End

Have you ever taken a moment to look back on the timeline of your life and be thankful for some of the doors that shut in your face?⁠

When you fell. Failed. Made a bad choice. Took a wrong turn. "Missed" an opportunity. Changed your mind. Moved. Started over. ⁠

Does it all make sense now?⁠

Those moments, while submerged within them, felt heavy. Felt wrong. ⁠

But do you see how it shaped you? It built you. It armed you with resources and navigated you to where you are today. ⁠

Without these course corrections, you would have a fraction of the resilience, grit, power, and character you have today. ⁠

So I suggest that we smile at the failures, missed steps and closed doors. It may hurt today but will make sense tomorrow. Trust the process. Your masterpiece is yet to be complete. ⁠

Mallory Ryan