Forget Your "To-Do List", Have a "Results List"

Want to become more effective at accomplishing your goals or planning your day? Forget the “what” and “how”. Those are terrible strategies for implementing action.

Focus on why. Outline the outcome you’re after and how you’ll feel as a result. It is the single fastest way to inspire action. ⁣

For instance: ⁣
What/how based: “Go to the gym” ⁣
Outcome based: “Take time for myself and gain more energy, focus and discipline” ⁣

What/how based: “Eat clean”⁣
Outcome based: “I want to be mindful of what I eat. I want to feel great – full of energy, clear skin, better health and maybe lose some weight. Eating well, will help get me there”

What/how based: “No tech time in the evenings”⁣
Outcome based: “I waste too much time on technology. My kids do too. I’d love to connect with them more in the evenings. I’m missing moments that I can’t take back.” ⁣

You get my point. ⁣
Connecting to the emotional reason why you want to implement a change is waaaay more impactful than simply listing what you want or want to do. ⁣

One more fun fact: This approach reduces overwhelm tremendously. It outlines the vision you have for your life and your values, while ignoring the silly details of getting there. The “what” and “how” are very easy when you’re motivated. They don’t require your attention. ⁣

Now... ⁣
Some things of course require a to-do list. The best way to diminish overwhelm with this list is to state: “I get to” rather than “I have to”. ⁣

Moments of gratitude immediately shift our perception of the situation and in fact change your hormonal response to it. ⁣

So inspire yourself into action and remember how thankful and capable you are along the way!⁣

“If you aim for nothing, don’t worry – you’ll hit it.”

Mallory Ryan