Keep your own promises and take complete control of your life with my Ultimate Guide for setting and achieving your goals.

Hint: It has NOTHING to do with motivation or willpower.


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“Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday.”



It’s time to show up and follow through.



Why is it that we can have incredible goals or dreams that we KNOW will improve our lives, yet we struggle to deliver on them? No matter how simple they are!
Why do we spend Sundays, thinking about the grand plans that we will “start tomorrow”, only to fall back into old patterns by lunchtime?
Why does it feel like you’ll keep promises to everyone, but yourself?
Maybe deep down you feel like you’ve “lost yourself” since ____________________ (i.e. having the kids, starting your career, or simply since life got a so busy).
Maybe the problem is that we “have no time”, “no motivation” or that you must just “lack” will-power.
Is it a lack of self-love, do you not “want it” bad enough, is there something missing in your approach…??


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I get it.

I get it all too well. Daydreaming about your ideal life and exactly how you would show up in it…

Spending time envisioning your goals and aspirations…

Feeling surges of inspiration which propel you to come up with a plan for delivering in your vision. A plan that will begin this Monday (of course).

You spend the weekend thinking of how great it’s going to be. You remind yourself how this time it will be different. This time you’ll stick it out with your new goal, simply because you WANT it so bad. You’ll begin a new workout routine, dietary plan, or quit a bad habit because your desire is SO strong, that you’ll definitely succeed.

Cut to Monday at 12pm. Somehow your motivation has diminished and your drive has weakened. Your desire is still there but you feel unable to deliver on what you want. Maybe there really is more to success than just wanting it…

The easiest thing to do in this moment is to fall back into what’s comfortable, what’s familiar and what’s easy. You tell yourself you’ll try again tomorrow. Your disappointment numbed by a clever excuse about why today isn’t the best day to “start something new” – you don’t have time, you’re not prepared, or it’s just too damn hard today.

Whatever reason for holding yourself back, you’re wrong. It’s not better to keep the peace. It is not vain to try. There will never be a more aligned time than right now. Yes life is crazy, hectic and overwhelming at times. It’s all part of the messy beautiful path we are all on. Please don’t get too busy living your life that you forget to create it.

Motivation is not an inherited trait. It is is not something to “wait for” to arrive. It is a learned behavior. This learning comes directly from taking actionable steps in the direction of your choosing.

“We all struggle to push ourselves to be better, do better. We all hesitate and wrestle with our feelings before we jump in. Every single one of us has hesitations. What matters is what you do as a result of them.”


Trusting yourself.
Understanding and feeling a deep knowing that you are capable of your wildest dreams.
Keeping your word to yourself. Not just once – every time.
Having a proven formula and strategy you can use to deliver on your goals and take action in your life.
Dropping the notion of willpower, motivation and “timing”.
Letting go of all of the BS excuses, preventing you from taking action.

What if… your hopes, turned into dreams, which turned into a plan and created your reality?

I want this for you, and for everyone!
Which is exactly why I created the Accountability Code.
I have read the research on goal-directed success, I have studied the neurology behind our conditioned patterns, and I have had the privilege of implementing these steps into my full practice. I have created a guided, step-by-step formula for discovering and delivering on your goals.

I want this for you. Not for today, or just one goal but for a lifetime!
One small change of direction in a ship can land it in another country. This is about evaluating what you want in life and implementing proven methods delivering on it.

You, my friend, are incredibly powerful and fully capable of creating the life of your dreams.
I know it is tough, but I am here and I’ve got your back until you have your own.
I will guide you through this course until we are both satisfied that you have every tool and tip necessary for success!

“A ship in the harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships are for.”

Course Curriculum



Module 1 – What Goal-Setting ISN’T.
- Don’t get stuck in this trap.
- How to quickly overcome, “I don’t feel like it” or “I’m not motivated”.
- What if I fail? Is there a perfect time?

Module 2 – You Can Have Superpowers Too!
- The power of goals.
- Is this magic?
- What matters more – what, how or why?
- What needs to be unleashed to succeed?

Module 3 – Trust.
- Can you have cake and eat it too?
- This promise you’re keeping.
- Confidence.

Module 4 – It’s Tough, But So Are You Darling.
- Overcoming “hard” and the Masters we have learned from.
- Fear, self-doubt and staying small.
- Setting the bar – plateaus and progress.
- Stress made me do it.

Module 5 – Got It. Now Give Me The Goods.
- Decide and define.
- Why?
- Record or not to record?
- Can I do this?

Module 6 – Re-Organize.
- Setting and holding priorities.
- Reasons vs. results – overcoming excuses.
- Master your schedule.
- Skirting self-sabotage

Module 7 – No Is A Full Sentence.
- Overstretched and overwhelmed.
- Responsibility re-evaluation
- Taking action protocol.
- Review and daily practice for accountability
- Final thoughts!


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